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Pricing: (Prints)

Jumbo (10cm x 15cm ) : R 25

A5 (15cm x 20cm) : R 40

A4 (20cm x 30cm) : R 70

A3 (30cm x 45cm) : R 150

Digital Images : R 35 per image (NO GROUP SHOTS)

* Digital images will be sent via WE TRANSFER *


How to place your orders:

Step 1: Visit to order your photos

Step 2: Click on "Welgemoed Pre Prep"

Step 3: Click on the classroom of your child

Step 4: View the images and write down the numbers (located underneath image) and the size

(Example:  Bees-5 x 3 jumbo,Bees-6  A4x2 ...)

Step 5: Fill out a order form ORDER FORM

Step 6: Make your EFT payments to :

Banking Details:  FNB | Gustav Klotz Photography | BRANCH: 250655 | ACC: 62425727651

Step 6: Send your proof of payment to

Step 7: Once your payment reflects, we will process your order. Cash Orders can be sent to the school in an envelope with the correct amount please.

*PLEASE NOTE: CUT-OFF DATE - 6 April 2020*

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